Dark Listenings

I’d been out of the game of listening to audiobooks since I started writing. Which is a shame, I’ve got extremely fond memories of audiobooks. In college, a friend and I used to hide in autumn in his room, listen to the BBC’s epic audiobook series of LOTR with all the lights turned off and eat pudding. It’s one of my most unexpected and most formative moments.

While I still thought I might have the chops to be an actor (I don’t!) and was working out that I could earn my living lighting up folk who did (yay for lampies!) my pal Paul knew what he was doing: writing. I always admired his confidence in that. He wrote who he is and his books shine for it (find Paul Magrs here) but I’m getting sidetracked. In those custard fuelled dark nights, Paul started to assemble some Dr. Who radio play scripts and used us out of work actors to voice them. Dr. Who wasn’t on TV or anywhere at the time (1989-92) was that lost age between reboots. So he thought ‘what the hell’. Fast forward twenty-odd years (he’s still an awesome writer, I’m getting there slowly) and Paul has had a load of extremely cool audio productions under his belt (I particularly *love* the Tom Baker ones, they’re very dry and very, very funny) and I was looking at Dark and thinking about turning it into my first audiobook ever.

The world with no light had always wanted telling in an audio format, but producing these things how I wanted it is expensive and time-consuming. I wanted to do the characters justice, and you lot, who’ve followed through my stumbling steps as a new #indie author, less new #indie author, long in the tooth should know better #indie author, and now, a newly new #indie #audiobook author!

So here it is! It’s out. If you want to find out more about the #DarkAudiobook or my awesome narrator Benjamin Fife, I’m on a blog tour all week with the lovely Audiobookworm Promotions and their lovely hosts. Tour dates and places below. If you follow me on twitter at @realarvo I’ll update where I’m going each day and what you can expect when you get there: interviews, reviews, even a live interview!

Come and play in the Dark…

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Oct. 11th:
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Oct. 12th:
Why I Can’t Stop Reading (Author Interview, Narrator Interview)
Nesie’s Place (Spotlight, Audio Excerpt, Narrator Interview)
Audiobook News (Spotlight, Audio Excerpt)

Oct. 13th:
I’m All About Books (Spotlight)
Super Booked! (Spotlight, Audio Excerpt, Author Interview)
2 Girls & A Book (Spotlight, Audio Excerpt, Narrator Interview)

Oct. 14th:
Jazzy Book Reviews (Spotlight, Audio Excerpt, Narrator Interview)
T’s Stuff (Spotlight, Audio Excerpt, Author Interview)
Eileen Troemel (Spotlight, Audio Excerpt, Author Interview)

Oct. 15th:
Reading A Page Turner (Spotlight, Audio Excerpt, Narrator Interview)
Benny Fife Audio (Author Interview)

Oct. 16th:
Ya It’s Lit (Review)
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Oct. 17th:
A Wonderful World of Words (Spotlight, Audio Excerpt, Narrator Interview)
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