A picture’s worth 1000 words

If a picture tells a thousand words, I’d be writing comics?  No, that seems pretty hard work too, if the hours I’ve seen my mate Steve* put into it. (Right, Steve*?)  Let’s start with the picture. 

tubes and computers in bed

There we go.  A live-action, behind the scenes shot of exactly what it takes to get any writing done in this house.  Me in foreground holding feeding tube, writing this with one hand, youngest daughter on iPad in middle squeaking at me if I get it wrong and my awesome partner on the actual laptop you can see, rebuilding the website you see around you.  And the sharp-eyed amongst you will spot the cloth.  See?  Write – wipe?

But we do write books, one day at a time, one word in front of the other. PA

*Steve Sims Etsy page is here

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