Squeezing writing in with everything else

So this week I’m trying to get some editing done on the second edition of Dark (*cough* typos  much?) and get some marketing done there. And I’m finishing planning out (get me) the thriller that’s coming at you soon too.

But ye gods, trying to cram it all in with *everything else* is driving me crazy! My youngest now needs even more physio and gadgets in the morning, my eldest is fast becoming a ‘uhhh, I don’ wanna get outa bed’ teenager (at 10? how did teenagers start at 10?) so C and I are rapidly becoming all hands on deck parents at 6am in the morning. Pah, I hear many of you say, but man for an ex-theatre tech, that bites: I do nights, me.

On the subject of nights, I’m thinking of trying to cram in NaNoWriMo this year to see if I can batter out a first draft of the thriller. 

I know some of you reading this have equally crazy lives and manage the writing just the same so I hope a) this doesn’t come across as too whiny and b) you’ve got some killer tips for cramming it all in. Because one thing I’ve discovered about creative stuff is that if I don’t do any, slowly I go crazy. Crazier.

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