So Crowdfire, right?

Confession time: I hate having to “do” social media. And don’t get me wrong, I spend as much time as you guys noodling on Facebook and Twitter, but having to do it to raise profile? That I find grim. And trying to get a grip on all those platforms where the cool kids hang out, like Instagram? Hard. Work. I wanna write books not social media posts.

So, you’ll have noticed recently, that I’m a teensy little bit better at communicating. On some kind of regular basis. My talented partner (also a writer) recommended I use Crowdfire. She has a track record of recommending all kinds of different stuff and much of it depends on personal competence. In my case, not all that competent. And to be frank, I wanna get on and write books. Science fiction, (look here my latest: Darker) that’s what I’m excited by, not software.

But here’s the thing, Crowdfire turns out to be pretty useful. It takes you by the hand and politely cozens you along to list posts that can come up in the right time zone at the right time. It helps you find stuff to post, depending on what your relevant things are. It manages to post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and loads of other stuff (even Pinterest, if I get round to ponying up for the non-free version). Oh yeah, did I say it’s free? You can pay for various levels of extra goodies, but the free package works well.

It keeps a track on your follows and unfollows on all your social media and helps you through guilt free unfollowing of people (it’s a thing, I’m British, we apologise to furniture when we bump into it) those who don’t follow you or just don’t post anymore. And all these things are just recommendations, you can do all or none of them. It also prods you to go see your followers stuff and go hang out there for a bit.

Am I rich beyond the dreams of avarice, yet? Nope. It’s not a magic wand. But it has made me think properly about social media and even cobble together some kind of a strategy. Those who know me in real life, will know that a) I’ve got a lot on and b) habitually not that organised! (Stop laughing at the back there.)  Any kind of game plan, always welcome. I was going to tell you some stats but my phone’s just gone flat, but that reminds me that Crowdfire’s got a phone app (all platforms as far as I’m aware) as well as a desktop app and they both seem interchangeable pretty easily. Being able to noodle on the internets in bed, on your phone, whilst actually turning it into something constructive, is again guilt-reducing!

I think I’m doing better now on Twitter, than previous (more interaction from more folk following) and for the first time in my life, I have Instagram followers.

So now, I’ve got a tool, I’ve got no excuse. Problem is though, once you’ve got a new shovel, you’ve gotta do some shovelling!

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