Sweary Mc Sweary Competition Update…

So, I thought some invigilation was in order here! The story so far… The Sweary Mc Sweary Swearing competition, for #Darker. Your brief: Invent me some new words that Folk in the #Dark might swear with.* notes below *Deadline: Entries close at […]

Lovely review from FDLee

Lovely review from @faithdlee on Amazon… (Dark by Paul L Arvidson )“The scope and complexity of the world of ‘Dark’ is brilliant – extremely original and very engrossing. The world that Dun and his friends live in is very well imagined, and […]

Dark Shorts #3 – Runners

Macky had always been a runner. The Bridge-folk as a tribe had always been a quite ‘rough and tumble’ kind of folk. Wrestling was always encouraged. Martial games and hunting were often the order of the day. Sometimes he wondered […]


I was listening to #Radio2 this morning and they described #Aphantasia. It’s basically ‘mind blindness’: I don’t see pictures in my mind, never have. They read out a whole list of things that describe my mind. And I was thinking, […]

Lovely quote

#amreadingthis at the moment and really enjoying it! I can’t say anything without spoilers but the setting is *amazing* Faith D Lee

Dark Special Offer!

Special Offer Time! Until 22nd October, the E version of Dark is available for Only 99p (or 99c on Amazon.com) Button on the top bar for how to buy 🙂 Now’s your chance to introduce reluctant mates to the craziness […]

Sweary McSweary swearing competition

Do we all know each other well enough for me to ask for help? Ok here goes. I’m well into a first draft of Book 2 of Dark (currently named Darker!) and I’m stuck with something. The Folk don’t really […]

I’ve been on the BBC!

I’ve just been on “The Chain” on on @Radio6 On from 2hr14m I might have mentioned a book… #radmac #dark #amwriting @BBCRadMac @BBC6Music


Momentarily stuck. Have painted myself into a plot corner. Bath, @Radio6Music and tea the only solution. #amwriting #havestoppedwriting #amwritingagain


So Kindle KDP, the people who make e-copies of the book happen are having a thing in October. It’s called #PoweredByIndie and it’s a chance for e-pubbed Indie authors to say what their experience of being on the fringes is. […]