So… do you want the good news or the bad news?
Can’t have a book called Dark and do the good news first, right?
BAD NEWS…we can’t do the Free Book for one day wossname, because we already reduced the price once this quarter…it’s a thing. I needed to have paid more attention to the T’s and C’s in the very small writing. Duh me!
GOOD NEWS…I’m going to start a special club for all the long suffering Dark fans who are waiting for book 2 and generally supporting the team (you know who you are!) It will have loads of cool special stuff that only you can get, the first of which is going to be a Book of Short Stories…title yet to be decided…all in the Dark universe with all the fun that entails. I’m very excited about all the cool exclusive stuff I can do for you guys. Then I’m going to reduce the price of Dark…as well !
So give me a month or so to set all of that up and look out for the sign up for….DARKWORLD.

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