Ok! Let’s Do This!

You know those days when you really feel on fire? Not actually on fire, that would be unfortunate, I mean “in the zone”, “like a tiger-rrarr!” You get the idea. Yeah, well, I should know by now on those days, that I’m always gonna be more Alan Partridge than Alan Sugar.


Lovely book cover 🙂

So I got all my mailing list ready to go on Mailchimp and carefully scheduled posting for the best cross-over of U.S time-zone andUK. And scheduled it for launch day, on the 3rd. I even got it to post out to FB and twitter. Which was when I noticed that the posts had arrived, that day (still in January) as had all of the emails.



Everyone who excitedly rushed off to Amazon only to see the “Hey you can Pre-Order” ad – I’m sorry. Also, to anyone whounsubscribed to my mailing list peeved at the excess of flakiness. A Big Round Fluffy Sorry. To be fair to us, though (that’s me and you, unsubscribers) if you bailed because you thought it was some clever, sophisticated plan, to psychologically re-engage you? I suspect we were never gonna get along any how. Alan. Partridge. Rrarr.

Takeaways from this?
1) If you’re having the week from hell as special needs parent (a proper raining sh*t kind of week): don’t try to be J.K Rowling at the same time.
2) Launch day for


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