Charmed Child: A short story

The couple lay spent and sticky on the back seat of the car. They weren’t to know because they’d parked over a bridge, the Old Magic applied. The Imp sat on the bonnet, smoking a roll-up. The Fairy hovered, unimpressed. […]

Fish in a hat

I’ve finished writing my second book. I still can’t believe it, even when I see it written down. It’s true though. Book 2 of the Dark trilogy is out on pre-order now. ( Amazon : Lots of other places) How […]

Author 1 – Special Needs Dad 1

Sometimes it’s ok to settle for a 1-1 draw. I think this year is one of those times. My plan (ho, ho) was to have used #NaNoWriMo to batter out a new thriller, and not just any thriller. This thriller […]

Go easy, or burn…

I’m knackered. I’m lying in bed pretty much deciding whether to go to sleep or to tell you lot about it! And therein lies the problem.   I’m still doing #NaNoWriMo. But there’s no way on earth I’m going to […]

Is it ok to write what I’m not?

I know most of you here are still laughing at the title since my SFF series is about sentient guinea-pigs but bear with me. The next book is a thriller. And it’s protagonist is a teenaged girl in a wheelchair*. […]

Squeezing writing in with everything else

So this week I’m trying to get some editing done on the second edition of Dark (*cough* typos  much?) and get some marketing done there. And I’m finishing planning out (get me) the thriller that’s coming at you soon too. […]

Little Bit of a Change Round Here

Hi y’all, So a quick update on stuff. ‘Darker’ will be out this year as promised, it’s sat on the editor’s desk as I speak. Final release date soon! I’ve got the next one in my head and I kind […]

Actually trapped in the Dark!

Hi all, Sorry I’ve not been awful posty of late, but in usual full disclosure, I’ll tell you a story… a) Saving up to get Darker edited. If you’d like to chivvy that along, please contribute to the Patreon pot, […]

Alpha Readers are go!

I have just released the email to my lovely listy people to ask for Alpha readers. There can be only 10. You get a free advance copy of Darker. If you ain’t on the mailing list yet and you’d like […]


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