Look! Merch :D

I made Dark T-Shirts! Limited edition and limited time span for a first run. 100% Cotton, 100% Beautiful. £9.99 + shipping in your currency. Linky: http://bit.ly/2HrMpip

Book news and a blog post

So, very, very soon I’ve got a release coming up in the Dark universe. There’s an e-book novella, starring Teller Mas called ‘Scent of Memory’. It’s going to be 99c or 99p or 99euro cents depending on where you are. […]

I’m Super Excited

I know it doesn’t take much but I have 3 fab newses: 1) I’m doing a panel at Nine Worlds in London, August 10-12th on Blindness and other Disability in SFF – Nine Worlds: https://nineworlds.co.uk/ 2) Dark and Darker are […]

New review by F.D. Lee

Don’t take my word for it. If you’ve not read Dark or Darker yet check out this review by SFF Author F.D Lee. Links to her amazing Pathways Tree books too. (aka Kick Ass Steampunk Fairy Saves the world).   […]

Book Review: Duke Grandfather Saves the World by James Maxstadt

Duke Grandfather Saves the World by James Maxstadt My rating: 4* Wow, what to say about this book? It’s a great rip-roaring adventure for starters. I suspect this series, with it’s slightly autobiographical feel, began life as bedtime stories for […]

Darker is up on Kindle Unlimited!

I’m very excited, lots has happened. Firstly there are some ace reviews on Amazon for Darker. And this month, it’s up on Kindle Unlimited! Reviews for Darker (Book 2 Dark Trilogy) “… brilliant and like nothing I have read before…” […]

So Crowdfire, right?

Confession time: I hate having to “do” social media. And don’t get me wrong, I spend as much time as you guys noodling on Facebook and Twitter, but having to do it to raise profile? That I find grim. And […]

First review: Darker…

First review of Darker is in, and it’s a cracker 🙂 “I loved this book. I enjoyed the first in the series and couldn’t wait for the second installment. I wasn’t disappointed. It was great to see the old characters […]

Ok! Let’s Do This!

You know those days when you really feel on fire? Not actually on fire, that would be unfortunate, I mean “in the zone”, “like a tiger-rrarr!” You get the idea. Yeah, well, I should know by now on those days, […]

Monday, Monday

So, as I was pushing reluctant urchins towards the school bus, one in a wheelchair, one in a daze, undercaffeinated and underprepared (as usual), I banged the radio on with a wandering hand. #Radio6 is standard in our kitchen and […]