Fish in a hat

I’ve finished writing my second book.

I still can’t believe it, even when I see it written down. It’s true though.

Book 2 of the Dark trilogy is out on pre-order now. ( Amazon : Lots of other places)

How did it get here? I’m still not altogether sure of that either.

I’m currently sat watching Cheryl’s fingers fly. I’m in the stupidly lucky position of having married a woman who’s a technical wizard. Yesterday and today she helped me format for print and design the cover.  She’s finessed that today by updating this whole website. She has been awesome.

Between us, while we’ve been doing that, we’ve also managed enough nine year old bottom issues to make a nurse cry and today the ten year old has been dumped by their girlfriend.

Oh and the dog ate the dehumidifier, plunging the house into darkness this morning. Standard day at the office, then. And that’s the funny thing. I’m not that sure what’s normal anymore. Being a family with special needs kids means feeling like a fish with a hat on: not everyone sees it everyday so you wonder if they’re staring. If you are just weird. Or just a fish in a hat.

One thought on “Fish in a hat

  1. Love this Paul.
    My absolute favorite sentence is “oh and the dog ate the dehumidifier”
    Sounds like our house (although my book is still a pile of notes taunting me quietly in the corner)

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