Darkfolk readers club launch! Plus an exclusive free book. *Reminder*

Hello and welcome along. I’ve bumped the fan club post, so if you fancy a freebie to start with then click on the sign up button on the bottom. 
If you’re ready to dive into the main series and meet Dun, Padg and Tali, then click on the Buy the Book link on the page header!
If you do either and you liked it, please leave me a review (on Amazon or iBooks or Goodreads ideally.)
Would you like to join the readers club? 
Well would ya? 
Sure you would! For starters it’ll mean you are bang up to date with new releases, inside information and unique special offers only available to Darkfolk members. We may have merch and all kinds of fun in the future if you fancy.
And first off? There’s a new collection of short stories set in the Dark. Including the first ever outing of Teller Mas : Scent Detective. Just for you. Not for sale anywhere (and won’t be). The only way to get it, is as a member of Darkfolk.
What’s the catch, I hear you clever, wary readers ask. 
Well, I’ll want an email address (in the sign up process). The data collection and storage is all done by Mailchimp who are super lovely and super serious about keeping data safe. You won’t be spammed, your data won’t ever be sold. 
I’ll mail you if there’s a new release (or quarterly if there isn’t) to keep you in the loop and that’s it. 
You up for it? 
The book is in pdf format and when you click the confirmation email we’ll send you, there’ll be one more email with the book link in it. You can read it straight off the site or right click on it and save it to wherever suits your reading pleasure. Click below and follow the instructions. 

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