The World Of Cady Grey

Cady Grey is the seventeen year old heroine of a new series of thrillers. Book one will be out in early summer 2019. Welcome to The World Of Cady Grey.


Book Cover 'The Wheels Of Cady Grey'The Wheels Of Cady Grey

Cady is invisible. One of the ‘perks’ of being in a wheelchair.

Sometimes it’s better that way. For example when you’re a seventeen year old girl and all you want to do is get through sixth form in one piece.

But then someone wants to knock the school down and she’s the only one who notices, the only one who cares. And she’s the only one who can do anything about it.

When she gives up being invisible to fight, she finds being noticed by the wrong people might get her killed.

The Wheels Of Cady Grey is coming out early summer 2019!

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Fifty percent of the profits of The Wheels Of Cady Grey will be split between The Children’s Hospice South West and SWANUK, the charity for undiagnosed illnesses.