Book Review: Duke Grandfather Saves the World by James Maxstadt

Duke Grandfather Saves the World by James Maxstadt
My rating: 4*

Wow, what to say about this book? It’s a great rip-roaring adventure for starters. I suspect this series, with it’s slightly autobiographical feel, began life as bedtime stories for a very lucky grandson. And then someone in the family said: “those are brilliant, you should write a book!”. And I think that’s a tale that happens reasonably often, especially in #indie publishing. But here’s the kicker: this one? It is brilliant.

I don’t think we’re in epoch ending Lord of the Rings territory here, which is why I’ve given it 4* not 5, but damn it’s a good ride for your money. The fantasy setting (medieval-ish city in Tolkien-ish world) is nothing new but the vivacity of the characters and the pace and style Maxstadt tells a story with, makes these well worth your time. And the auto-biographical feel to this, true or not (was Maxstadt an ex-cop, I couldn’t help wondering?) gave the story extra nuance, especially the romance between Duke and Lilly, the main protagonists.

My favourite thing I guess was that this book reminds me of loads of fond times as a kid reading books exactly like this. It really reminds me of the ‘Swords Against…” series by Fritz Leiber and I think anyone who enjoyed those classic series or ‘Dragonlance’ would really like this. Great work 4*.

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