Alpha Readers are go!

I have just released the email to my lovely listy people to ask for Alpha readers. There can be only 10. You get a free advance copy of Darker. If you ain’t on the mailing list yet and you’d like […]


Patreon page is go! Linky here: I’m about to make a permanent wossname widget to go on the page here, but please share the crap out of this. Thank you xx

Patreon thoughts

Hey lovelies, I’m just toying with the layout of a Patreon page. The purpose is to allow me to fund all that kinda stuff that a mainstream publisher would normally deal with (editing, layout, artwork etc). It will also allow […]

Reveal trailer…

I have got the best competition prize *ever* for you lot! I have just seen it this week and it’s amazing. But, I’m away from the writing desk for the rest of the upcoming week, so… …I will reveal all, […]

Welcome on board!

Just a quick post to say hiya to all the folks who’ve joined the fun from #instafreebie 🙂 Welcome along! We’re rapidly chugging along to 700 peeps in Darkfolk about which I am humbled and chuffed in equal measure. I’m […]

Write first – ask questions later. Except smaller.

I’m a big believer in the idea of ‘write first: ask questions later’. I think you can waste a whole load of life waiting for the magic inspiration fairy to come and sprinkle magic dust on your earthy prose to […]

Hello and welcome along!

Hello and welcome along. I’ve bumped the fan club post, so if you fancy a freebie to start with then click on the sign up button on the bottom.  If you’re ready to dive into the main series and meet Dun, Padg […]

Culture club

 I miss Iain M Banks. I started writing this as a quick G+ thing. But there was more to say. So here it is. This Guardian article kicked it off. Though it was only a ‘top 5 listy’ article, it made […]

Interview with Fossend Publishing

Fancy a window into what makes it all tick? The lovely @Chrissie_Author from Fossend Publishing asked some searching questions about how I write, why I write and what’s coming next. Find out here.

instafreebie fun

Hi Everyone, So, the #instafreebie promo is now up where you can get loads of free books (and darkish, obvs!) and as if that weren’t cool enough, ace and lovely author #JLHendricks is promoting it on her blog too HERE. […]