Author 1 – Special Needs Dad 1

Sometimes it’s ok to settle for a 1-1 draw. I think this year is one of those times.

My plan (ho, ho) was to have used #NaNoWriMo to batter out a new thriller, and not just any thriller. This thriller has a #SWAN (person with A Syndrome Without a Name) as the star. She was going to have all kinds of adventures in special needs education settings and hospices and driving WAV’s, solving mysteries, besting bad guys, the whole hit. She still is. (Out next year, called #CadyGrey) But then this year happened.

And we needed to visit @CHSW (Little Bridge House Kids Hospice), @MusgrovePark Hospital (hello everyone on Acorn and Oak xx) and needed the backup of all our friends and the awesome folks at @SWANUK

So that put paid to that till next year.

I did, however, finish ‘Darker’ 🙂

It’s ready to go live on Feb ’18 and is available on Pre-order from Amazon.

If you’ve not read ‘Dark’ yet, that’s available for FREE from Instafreebie.

Have a great Christmas everyone, and thanks for your support this year, whatever form it’s taken!





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