Actually trapped in the Dark!

Hi all,

Sorry I’ve not been awful posty of late, but in usual full disclosure, I’ll tell you a story…

a) Saving up to get Darker edited. If you’d like to chivvy that along, please contribute to the Patreon pot, linky in previous post. Would be awesome and clickworking to get there is really boring.
b) Am currently trapped in hospital with poorly daughter! Boo 🙁 You’d think that’d give me *loadsa time* to write, but what with caring stuff and stress, I’m not getting all that much in. (and you know what kinda state I’ve got to be in to NOT write.)

In good news, I have found a FANTASTIC distraction for you lot, pariently waiting for Darker to come out: I’ve made pals with another BRILLIANT #indieauthor  If you liked the SFF feel of the Dark universe, then her stuff is right up your street. We’re going to sort some stuff out, then spend some time plugging each other next week. Watch this space, you won’t be disappointed.

Right, love you guys, back to the ward x

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